Screenshots of Firefox Mobile.

13 Oct

Firefox Mobile looks to be coming to a Windows Mobile device near you very soon. With a reported Acid3 Test score of 88/100, the mobile web browser looks nearly complete in the screenshots that have surfaced. The address bar is reminiscent of Safari on the iPhone. However, it takes a visual cue from Firefox 3 with the addition of website favicons. Screenshots also show a really unique way for web surfers to visualize what tabs are open in Firefox Mobile. Mozilla may be foregoing traditional ‘forward’, ‘stop’, and ‘back’ buttons located in the address bar. Instead, the screenshots show on-page text boxes that indicate these actions.

Worth the Wait?

Firefox Mobile is shaping up to be a real knock out. We can’t wait until we can give you a hands-on review of the mobile browser. It will be interesting to see how Firefox Mobile can hold up against established game players like Pocket Internet Explorer, Safari Mobile, Opera Mobile, and Skyfire. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as more details hit the web. Are you looking forward to Firefox Mobile? What features and functionality do you hope Mozilla doesn’t leave out in the future?


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