Monzilla Firefox Mobile in a few weeks

7 Oct

In an interview that started with Mozilla CEO John Lilly explaining how he runs the company to San Jose Mercury News reporter Pete Carey, it was revealed that the first Firefox Mobile alphas could be released in “a few weeks.”

We know that it’s definitely coming, despite debunked rumors of it being released in 2010, but with the imminent release of the first alpha we’ll all finally be able to see it “for real.”

Below is an excerpt of the San Jose Mercury News interview with John Lilly, in which the Mozilla CEO answers the question, “What are you doing in mobile?”

We want to make sure that the Web on mobile is more like the Web than what the mobile industry offers today, which is closed, separate networks and not a very good information-getting experience for the user. The first thing is to bring Firefox to mobile devices. We’re working on that, and we’ll see some alphas in a few weeks.

Which is pretty much in line with what Tristan Nitot of Mozilla Europe told us in our previous article about Firefox Mobile :I have discussed Firefox Mobile (codenamed Fennec) in the past saying that we should see an Alpha pre-version hopefully before the end of the year if it’s ready.

I think that those of you who like to try early versions of new apps, might have something very interesting to play with soon.


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