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5 Oct

Welcome to Issue 38! This month we welcome Olivier Ponsonnet to 3DCreative, which I’ve personally been really excited about since I very first heard back from him in reply to my interview proposal! You’ll no doubt already have seen the fantastically realistic 3D works that make up the stunning portfolio of this artist – many of which grace 3DCreative pages 007 – 014, and we find out how after 12 years working in the field of CG, Ponsonnet’s works have developed from an interest in cars and futuristic cities, to the beautifully rich character images that we find today. Our second interview this month is with Sanjay Chand, who some of the 3DCreative team had the pleasure of meeting at Siggraph 2008! Chand is currently working as a Lighting Artist, and from his portfolio – featured on pages 017 – 023 of 3DCreative – we discover his superb creature design and rendering skills in the stunning examples of alien creations; creatures that appear to have come from the darkest of nightmares and are evidence of the fantastic classes taught by Alex Alvarez at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects. We also have a great little Studio Interview with 3d-io Games & Video Production, on page 025; we chat to CEO and Art Director, Igor Posavec whose company focuses on 2D and 3D digital design for games and entertainment. And we love the guys at Unexpected so much that we’ve asked them back again for this issue, with a great article on the making of once of their recent ads for Honda: L.O.V.E (page 041).
As far as tutorials go, we have Part 3 of our big tutorial series on creating a complete scene, specialising in aged and weathered texturing, which this month focuses on preparing the textures – next month we’ll take an in-depth look at mapping! Our second instalment of the Speed Sculpting series welcomes back Jesse Sandifer who has this month tackled the brief alongside Brazilian ZBrush sculptor, Dalton Alves Muniz. Both artists have interpreted the brief differently; Muniz has gone for a female fish-like creature whilst Sandifer has created a frog-like being – both in response to this month’s topic, “Amphibious Man/Woman” (page 067). Rafael Ghencev is also back in this issue with his second part of our wonderful ZBrush Character Creation series, this month creating an obese Asian man and teaching us the sculpting and texturing techniques along the way (page 081). He’s also kindly provided us with movies to accompany the tutorial this month, for those who requested that they’d like to see the WIP in video format! So don’t say we never listen to you guys *winks*!

Our Making Ofs this month include work from Paulius Biesevicius, who talks us through the creation of his Peugeot concept car (page 093), and Rodrigo Banzato discusses the making of his cartoon image, “Drinks Girl” (page 101). You can also find a chapter from the new Digital Art Masters: Volume 3 book by Damien Canderle, who details the making of him alien creature called “Gnom” (page 108).

Well, I hope we’ve provided plenty to keep you out of trouble till next month’s offerings! Thanks for all your support and enjoy this month’s issue. Cheers! Ed

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